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The Ultimate 3D Guide by Our Experts

  • What's New in Software Version
    1. Starting from this version, subsequent updates will support in-software upgrade notifications and direct download and installation 2. Health Report Template can be customized 3. Pre-scan feature added to implant and restoration modes. 4. Added Cloud Platform shortcut button to the Launcher interface. 5. Updated user interface for Orthodontic Case details page. 6. Optimized occlusion check feature and cutting function. 7. Improved mucosa scanning: real-time display of newly added mucosa during scanning 8. Margin line and model building functions optimized. 9. Improved metal scanning and occlusion scanning 10. Support offline mode and new cloud platform
  • What's New in Software Version
    Cloud Order - Online cloud portal NOW AVAILABLE! Easily partner with your Lab to send cases. See "How to Send Files" tab for instructions. Jaw Swap Feature - Ever made the error of scanning the wrong arch for a specific workflow? You can now swap the scans to place them back in the correct position!
  • What's New in Software Version
    The software was redesigned with the end user in mind. The layout was updated to make the scanning experience more focused and streamlined. The clearer interface creates a better user experience and optimizes workflow. Dashboard The brand-new dashboard interface now includes practical information such as scanning statistics and hard disk space availability. This gives the users a snapshot of their scanner usage. Case Flow This interface combines case management and patient management into one. Larger thumbnails and detailed information are retained on the right hand side. Patient names are found on the left side. Users can view cases and sort them accordingly. Case Details For case details, users add dental information, notes, etc. from left to right, and the added dental information will be displayed intuitively in the form of a list. Details entered here can be used as lab prescription for restorative cases. Case Viewer Use the viewer to review scanned files in 3D.
  • Requirements for PC and Laptop
  • Scan Operations
    Scanner connection status: After the scanner is powered on, the indicator light will be green; when the scanner is started and connected to the computer successfully, the indicator light will turn blue; if the connection to the computer fails, the indicator light will blink blue; Scanning start and stop: After starting the software, creating a case and starting to enter the scanning program, pick up the scanner from the base, the scanner starts to emit light and enter the preview mode; at this time, press the button to enter the scanning mode, and the ring light switches to green display; Press the button again to exit the scanning mode and return to the preview mode; after the scanning is completed, put it into the base and enter the sleep mode.
  • How do I Activate the Remote Control Function?
    In the preview or scanning mode, press and hold the scanner button to enter the remote control mode, and you can perform functions such as step switching and mode switching. To move from one option to the next, do short presses on the button until your desired option is highlighted. Do a long press to confirm selection.
  • Scanning Technique
    Start the scanning process at a stable, well defined area such as the occlusal table of a molar. From there, follow the occlusal surfaces all the way to the other end of the arch. Move the tip towards the lingual and start scanning the lingual surfaces back to the other end where you began. Move the tip towards the buccal and scan towards the midline. Switch grips to scan the other buccal surfaces.
  • How Do I Send Files using Email Option?
    Follow the video on how to set up your Gmail account to work with the software
  • How Do I Send Files using Cloud Share Option?
    Follow the video on how to set up your Online Portal account to work with the software
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