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Meet our 
QuickScan IOS

Your best value tool to energize your digital workflow

QuickScan IOS

Accurate and Fast Scanning

Cost-effective Solution

Used by Dental Professionals Worldwide

Leading the Industry

Autoclavable Tip

QuickScan tip removed
QIOS side view

Anti-fog Heat

Power/Remote button

Power/Remote button

Lightweight, slim body

Detachable Cable

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About QuickScan IOS

QuickScan IOS on base

The QuickScan IOS is a dental 3D intraoral scanner that combines accuracy, speed, and affordability. Our scanner can compete with other leading brands in the market and is used by dental professionals worldwide. We are committed to providing the best solution for dental scanning needs to improve your workflow.

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Why Choose QuickScan IOS

Accurate and Fast Scanning

Take full mouth scans in less than 2 minutes and single arch scans for 30s. 

Affordable Solution

Our scanner is a cost-effective solution for dental professionals, providing high-quality scanning at an affordable price.

High Quality Results

QuickScan IOS has been tested against other scanner brands like Cerec Primescan, 3Shape Trios, Medit i700, etc, and is found to be comparable to them.

Expert Support

Our experienced advisors are available to provide expert support and guide dental professionals throughout the scanning process.

QuickScan with hand image

QuickScan IOS in Action


“Quickscan IOS does what it is supposed to do. It scans quick and it is very easy to use. We are very happy with our first purchase so we bought another one for our other office.”

Dr. Georgi Mendez

General Dentist

" The Quickscan IOS is a very accurate, easy to use scanner.  The latest upgrade has made it even better and the smaller tip has improved the capturing of posterior and tight areas. The color is realistic, and my patients are very impressed with the replication of their smiles. I had waited years to purchase a scanner and glad I discovered the Quickscan IOS. It has jump started my digital journey and integrates well with my printer.  The technical support is very helpful, and I am pleased with my purchase."

Dr. Lisa Elias

General Dentist

"Really good scanner and good company to work with."

Dr. Claudio Miro

General Dentist

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